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My Personal Tips to Save Time, Money & Stress

Jonathan Zacks Jonathan Zacks

When you’re a busy entrepreneur, every moment counts. That’s something we discovered as we built our business to be the best of all online appointment scheduling apps, but we quickly learned how to manage priorities with a few handy apps. Here are my tips for you to stay motivated, organized and on track using the tools to help you do so.

Streamline Frequent Activities

There’s great benefit to automating things you do on a daily or weekly basis, like sending emails to prospects. Apps like MailChimp help take things a step further with features that let you track open rates, save contact information and put together analytics that you can use to revise your marketing strategy. Best of all, you won’t have to dig around to find the same information more than once.

Organize Event Databases

What’s the biggest hassle when it comes to planning an event? Managing your guest list, of course. Your up-to-date roster of invites, along with confirmed attendees and RSVPs, are the starting point for everything else — from catering to booking hotel rooms. Eventbrite offers an easy-to-manage platform that helps you stay on top of things, with an interactive element your guests can use as well. GoReminders can also be used for confirming appointments, rescheduling, or canceling via text message and email at events, but Eventbrite is a much more robust event management platform.

Optimize Group Messaging

Facebook Messenger is a handy app. It’s not only good for swapping funny GIFs back and forth with colleagues, but also for getting answers to simple project-related questions. You can use Messenger to coordinate all team members, track input on specific subject matter and even conduct a poll. It’s much easier than a group email or arranging in-person or online meetings.

Save time, money, and stress

Optimize group messaging to save even more time

Habituate Document Sharing

Cloud technology means it’s easier than ever to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Google Drive lets you give permission to specific individuals to access and edit files, so multiple users always know what’s going on and can see the latest changes. You don’t have to worry about keeping the latest version on your hard drive or about running a regular backup. For example, we use a Google Sheet to collaborate on priorities when building new features like recurring appointment reminders.

Regularly monitor your cloud files, however; to avoid too much junk on your Google Drive. You should archive anything not currently in use. You and your team can come up with specific protocols for deletion.

Now that you’ve been exposed to these tools, try them out! It’s easy to customize to your specifications and get your team on board with better ways to communicate. Once you’ve got things in place, you’ll be able to save time, money and stress on your day-to-day tasks.

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