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Non-Profit Scheduling and Reminders for Organizations & Volunteers

Automated appointment reminders for nonprofit organizations. Great for scheduling volunteers ahead of time. Excellent for schools, clubs, child services, blood banks, religious organizations and more!

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Reviews of GoReminders from Non-profit Users

Since we started using GoReminders our volunteers remember to show up for their scheduled shifts. We use GoReminders to remind volunteers of their scheduled shifts and it has eliminated our problem with no-shows! GoReminders is very easy to use, and it takes me about 20 minutes to set up an entire month’s reminders. If someone’s schedule changes and I need to edit which volunteer will be on a shift, it takes only seconds to make a change. GoReminders has been instrumental in making sure volunteers to show up, and the volunteers thank us for the reminders! It’s easy to use, takes little time, and has helped us keep our shop open every day.

Linda, Scheduler for Happy Dragon

I manage donor recruitment for a small community blood bank in northern California. I want to thank you for providing an option for small and non-profit organizations without a huge investment. It’s often difficult to find a balance between 90% functional freeware and an investment that I’d have to lay someone off to afford. GoReminders seems like a great balance.

John from Northern California Community Blood Bank

GoReminders has been immenselyhelpful for me this past school year! I am the Club Coordinator for my high school’s Student Volunteer Board and the club meets about once a month. The club’s members are also all of our go-to students when volunteer opportunities pop up around the community and school. GoReminders cuts mytimeinhalf when contacting other students. Before I found GoReminders, I had to individually message about 40 students to remind them what they signed up for that month and when the club was meeting. All of our members signed up on paper at various meetings, some listing phone numbers and others emails. Having a platform where I can reach them all without wasting most of my free time texting and emailing has been great! Also, having all my contacts in one place is an amazing tool instead of flipping back and forth between 5 sheets of handwritten contacts like I used to do. I highly recommend GoReminders to entrepreneurs, students and businesspeople alike.

Grace G., coordinator for a high school student volunteer club

We use the platform to book food vendors to assist with a Covid-19 feeding program for the City of New Orleans and we worked with over thirty vendors. GoReminders’ scheduling system reallydoessavetime in not only the initial scheduling of meals, but the reminders, and also if there is a question from the vendor, the vendor can contact us directly through the system and that’s helpful for them to feel as if they have direct access. We work on varying economic development endeavors so this was something most did not work with other scheduling apps, and the scheduling system is better than any excel format we had generated in the past to support the work.

Chandra Teddleton, New Orleans Business Alliance

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