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6 Text Reminder Templates for Property Managers

Eliminate no-shows at leasing showings and improve tenant relations with these text reminder templates.


With the widespread use of mobile phones, many businesses are taking advantage of text message reminders to save time and increase customer engagement. For property management companies, sending automated reminders is an easy and effective way to communicate with tenants and ensure that important tasks and appointments are not missed. By reducing the risk of missed appointments and increasing efficiency, property management companies can better utilize their resources and ensure the smooth running of their properties.

To select the best text reminder template for your property management business, consider the tone you want to convey. Whether you prefer a more formal, prompt tone or a friendly, approachable style, you can find a template that fits your company. Here are six appointment reminder text message templates to consider for your property management business:

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Appointment Reminder Templates

All these templates can be copied and pasted into GoReminders. Anything that looks like {{This}} is a template tag that will get automatically filled with the correct customer and appointment details.

Template 1:

Maintenance Appointments: “Hi {{Tenant Name}}, this is {{Staff Name}} from [Property Management]. Just a friendly reminder that you have a maintenance appointment scheduled for {{Date}} at {{Time}}. Please let us know if you need to reschedule. We look forward to assisting you with your needs.”

(Try this template in GoReminders)

Template 2:

Rent Payment Reminders: “Hi {{Tenant Name}}, this is {{Staff Name}} from [Property Management]. Just a friendly reminder that rent payment is due on {{Due Date}}. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

(Try this template in GoReminders)

Template 3:

Lease Renewal Reminders: “Hi {{Tenant Name}}, this is {{Staff Name}} from [Property Management]. Just a friendly reminder that your lease is up for renewal soon. If you’re interested in renewing, please let us know and we’ll arrange a time for you to sign the new lease.”

(Try this template in GoReminders)

Template 4:

Move-Out Reminders: “Hi {{Tenant Name}}, this is {{Staff Name}} from [Property Management]. Just a friendly reminder that your lease is coming to an end soon. Please let us know if you’re planning to move out, so that we can arrange a move-out inspection and ensure a smooth transition.”

(Try this template in GoReminders)

Template 5:

Emergency Maintenance: “Hi {{Tenant Name}}, this is {{Staff Name}} from [Property Management]. This is an emergency maintenance alert. Please reach out to us immediately if you’re experiencing any issues that need to be addressed.”

(Try this template in GoReminders)

Template 6:

Community Event Reminders: “Hi {{Tenant Name}}, this is {{Staff Name}} from [Property Management]. Just a friendly reminder about the upcoming community event on {{Date}} at {{Time}}. We hope you can make it and enjoy some fun with your neighbors!”

(Try this template in GoReminders)

Final Thoughts

By using these text reminders, you can help ensure that your tenants are informed and engaged with your property management services. Best of luck! With an automated system like GoReminders, you can save time, reduce no-shows, and ensure that your schedule is filled with paying clients who will show up on time.

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