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Small Business Scheduling App

Running a small business is extremely challenging, and you need help to stay organized and keep things running smoothly. GoReminders is the best scheduling app for small business, to make sure that challenge of running your business is a lot more manageable. Customers book their own appointments, or you enter them yourself, and they receive automated reminders via email (or text, or both). Try it free today!

As someone who owns or runs a small business, your most limited resource is always your time. It takes a serious level of organization for you and your employees to stay on task and on time. That’s where GoReminders comes in. GoReminders is the best and simplest appointment scheduling app. With our automated customer reminders, everything is kept running smoothly. Better yet, we’ve got staff reminders too, to boost your productivity and profitability at the same time.

GoReminders is the best small business scheduling app

GoReminders is the best small business scheduling app

We’re the right employee scheduling software for your small business because, for one thing, we make it easy to keep track of your employees’ weekly and daily schedules. It’s all available at a glance in the calendar reminders app for Android, iPhone, and on the web.

Does your company need a simple way for clients to schedule appointments with your staff? We’re ready for that with our client scheduling software. Let the customers come to you when they’re ready to book, any time of day, any day of the week. It’s all automated!

We’re also the best overall small business scheduling software because of our ever-growing list of features, simple-to-use interface, and numerous integrations with existing business software. We offer a free trial, so you can make sure the service is right for you, with no credit card, or commitment required. Let us show you why GoReminders is the right choice for your small business’ scheduling software.


Testimonials for our small business scheduling service

One challenge for Aztek Ink was last-minute cancellations from customers who made an appointment but didn’t quite know what they wanted. This left valuable appointment slots empty for this in-demand studio and was causing them to lose money.
Since implementing the GoReminders online scheduler tool as his tattoo shop app, they have been able to schedule text messages to remind clients about their appointments several days in advance, prompting them to make any final decisions about their tattoos. If a client needs to cancel, the empty slot then has time to be filled by another eager customer.

Carlos Ortiz, Aztek Ink

I use this to keep my appointments and remind my customers for my grooming business. My customers love it and it saves me time!

Dana at Amazing Pet Grooming

I use GoReminders to schedule onsite consultations and in store meetings with reminders on my phone. I just started using it and I like the auto remind features!

Christy, sales manager at Klapprodt Pools

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