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Staff Reminders via Text & Email

Flexible staff reminder service to keep your employees and contractors organized. GoReminders makes managing your staff easy with fully customizable reminder messages and settings.

GoReminders is an easy-to-use staff text reminder service for any business or industry. Reminding your staff is simple with GoReminders’ appointment scheduling software because of our intuitive features like assigning appointments and tasks to your Staff members, and customer information auto-fill.

If you have to remind your staff members, then GoReminders is the solution for you.

Using GoReminders to remind your staff

Everyone forgets things sometimes, but you need to keep your business running smoothly. Use GoReminders to remind your staff members about any events or tasks that they need to complete. Remind them about meetings (in person or virtual), deadlines, certifications/qualifications. You can even use GoReminders for office management tasks such as taking out the garbage, watering plants, cleaning the desks – anything you need!

Do your staff members handle your client appointments? If so, then you can assign your staff members to their appointments and they will get reminders so they always know when to be and where. It will work for any type of business. If you have staff members that do house calls, then you won’t have to remind them and they’ll be able to use their reminders to stay on track with their appointments. It will work if you have to advise your staff to report to specific buildings or rooms for appointments, meetings, or classes. GoReminders can even remind your staff or agents in the field when they need to report to a new location. Staff members can receive reminders in addition to clients, or you can use GoReminders solely for reminding staff members. We also have usage reports to help you keep track of how many appointments you’re using each month.

With our group appointments feature, it’s easy to remind all your staff at once! Here’s a video to show you how that works:

Group appointment screencast

Group appointment screencast

Testimonials from people who use GoReminders to remind staff members:

Missing an appointment using GoReminders is impossible. If we forget about an appointment, GoReminders is there to remind us and our customers. I love that it does text message & email reminders!

Jose Hossein, Executive Director at On Drive Techs

Since we started using GoReminders our volunteers remember to show up for their scheduled shifts. We use GoReminders to remind volunteers of their scheduled shifts and it has eliminated our problem with no-shows! GoReminders is very easy to use, and it takes me about 20 minutes to set up an entire month’s reminders. If someone’s schedule changes and I need to edit which volunteer will be on a shift, it takes only seconds to make a change. GoReminders has been instrumental in making sure volunteers to show up, and the volunteers thank us for the reminders! It’s easy to use, takes little time, and has helped us keep our shop open every day.

Linda, Scheduler for Happy Dragon

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