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Remind Customers about Appointments (without annoying them)

Myth: Phone call reminders are a white-glove level of service. 

Truth: People are generally frustrated by phone calls and voicemail messages that are unnecessary. Use your valuable phone call tokens when it’s really needed! 

I’ve always enjoyed telling the story of my long-time dentist who recently retired.  He wasn’t only my dentist but had seen my grandma, my mom, my dad, and other family members for decades. For years the dentist’s office would call me and I would always answer because I thought it was urgent. Almost all of the time it never was and it was only a phone call to remind me about an upcoming appointment. After some time, I became conditioned to screen the phone calls and let them go to voicemail — and this is something no business would ever want to happen. If you’re trying to call a client, you’d never want them to dodge the call. 

Luckily for my dentist, his office eventually started using a text reminder platform and it was a total game-changer. I was genuinely impressed with the seamlessness of it, I even made sure to ask if they could send me a text reminder for my upcoming appointment. By using automated appointment reminders my dentist saved a ton of time, his patients were thankful and the no-show appointments had been eliminated. 

This experience helped me shape a framework that I have used to this day. In today’s video, I am going to walk you through that framework and show you how you can save your business time, money and fill appointment slots while keeping your customers happy with the high-level service. 

Check it out. 

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