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How Your Small Business Can Avoid These 3 Appointment Reminder Mistakes

While sending out appointment reminders may seem like a simple no-brainer for your small business, there is more to the process than meets the eye. The journey begins long before you send out the reminder itself, and it ends long after the appointment is made – meaning this simple task has a few hidden details that can either help or hinder your business.

If you’re wondering how your business can make appointment reminder mistakes – and how your business can correct those mistakes – you’ve come to the right place. Check out these three simple appointment reminder mistakes, and the measures your business can take for quick and easy solutions.

Mistake #1: Sending only one reminder per customer

The busier people are, the more forgetful they can be when it comes to their own personal calendar: including the appointments they make. If you only send your customer a confirmation when they initially book an appointment without any follow-up prior to their appointment date, you’re running the risk of turning that customer into a no-show. Allowing customers to confirm appointments will result in fewer no-shows.

Rather than run the risk of losing business, ensure your customers will remember their appointment by sending out multiple reminders. A good rule of thumb? Sending out an appointment confirmation after they book, and an appointment reminder 24 hours prior to their appointment. That way, should they need to reschedule, you’ll have ample time to fill their time slot. If you’d prefer to err on the side of caution, send one final reminder the morning of their appointment. Being thorough with your reminders can prevent your business from wasting both time and money. 

What’s more, you can use features like message blasts to ask customers for reviews and feedback after their appointment is completed.

Mistake #2: Not giving customers enough information in their reminder

If your appointment reminder doesn’t have all of the essential information easily laid out for the customer, you’re missing a big opportunity for your company to make a good impression and are running the risk of a negative customer experience. How effective would an appointment reminder be if it didn’t list something as simple as your business address or phone number? (Spoiler: not very effective at all.) 

Similarly, if there’s a new customer receiving an appointment reminder, remember that it’s just as important to explain what they can expect once arriving for their appointment, the services you’ll be providing to them, and if there’s anything they may need to bring to their appointment, such as insurance cards or any other important documents. Going above and beyond in terms of providing information shows just how much your business cares about your customer’s overall experience.

Mistake #3: Not training staff on appointment reminder procedures

We told you that the appointment reminder process starts long before the customer books, and that’s because it takes a well-trained staff to ensure the customer’s booking journey is as seamless as it can possibly be. If there is no organization on the backend of your appointment scheduling software, you increase the margin for error, such as having your staff misplacing important documents or accidentally overlooking a new appointment that was created.

If your business doesn’t have an organizational system in place – meaning there is a clear step-by-step assembly line that acts as a checklist for each confirmed appointment – you may very well end up with a dissatisfied customer.

If you take the above steps into consideration, you’ll help to ensure that your small business offers an impressive appointment reminder process for your customers. No matter what industry your small business operates under, focusing your efforts on the best possible customer experience will help keep new faces coming in through your doors. 

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