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Veterinary Appointment Reminder Software

You will love this easy-to-use software for client reminders for veterinary appointments. Your patients and clients will be happily impressed by the automatic text message and email appointment reminders, and you’ll save time using our software for your vet clinic. Pays for itself with one saved no-show appointment — and you’ll cut down on labor costs since reminders will be automated.

The simplicity! Hands down, GoReminders is so easy to use. We have a busy specialty veterinary practice with multiple locations. We use GoReminders to remind clients of their appointment time, communicate our contact info and address. We love how we can use the Message Sequences to customize our reminders schedule and have clients respond to confirm.

Susan Reeder, Lighthouse Veterinary Allergy & Dermatology

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

More Praise for Our Veterinary Appointment Reminder Software

GoReminders saves us literally hours of work time versus how we did things when we first opened our practice. In the early days, we contacted each client by phone a day or two before their appointment. As we grew busier, we sent clients custom emails that we wrote to remind/confirm appointments. Discovering and implementingGoRemindershasbeensuchagamechanger for us!

Susan Reeder, Lighthouse Veterinary Allergy & Dermatology

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