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Hassle-Free Appointment Scheduling for Auto Shops

GoReminders Makes Booking Appointments Easier than Rotating Tires!

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A Busy Auto Shop’s Best Friend

Our easy-to-use software is trusted by mechanics around the globe to streamline their booking process and help them generate more revenue.

With GoReminders, you’ll be able to quickly and easily automate:

  • Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Client Confirmations
  • And more!

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Auto Service Scheduling as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

GoReminders takes the hassle out of booking appointments in just three easy steps:

Sign Up

Step One: Sign Up for Your Free Trial In 30 Seconds or Less

You’ll get access to all our time-saving features for 14 days — on us. Your booking form is disabled by default, so if you prefer to allow customer self-booking, you can turn it on by going to the booking page and turning on “Booking Enabled.”


Step Two: Set Your Availability

Choose your shop hours and your appointment options with your own custom plug-and-play booking form.

Go to Settings > Booking to choose how your booking form will work for your customers. Set your availability for any day of the week, with multiple time slots available per day.

With booking enabled, you can choose to allow instant booking, where customers book appointments at any time based on your availability — even while you’re sleeping!. Or you can choose “appointment request,” where customers choose 3 appointment time slot options (of which you can pick the slot that works best for you).

Form Options

You can also choose what contact information is required to book an appointment with you, set a minimum and maximum scheduling notice, set an appointment time interval, plus many more options.

QR Code

Step Three: Start Booking!

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches! Book appointments in-house, or easily share your shop’s new booking form link.

Share and Promote your booking form in several ways, including:

  • Facebook: Share your booking form link with a customized Facebook post, directly from the GoReminders app.
  • Twitter: Send a tweet to your followers with a quick message and a link to your booking form.
  • QR Code: Screenshot a QR code to include in a digital promotion or print it off to use on posters or stickers around town or in your shop.
  • Message Blasts: Instantly reach several customers at once with email or text message blasts sent to specific customer groups! Use this to create a custom promotional message with your booking form link or request reviews and feedback from customers.
  • Send a Link: At any time, you can copy your booking form link and put it anywhere you like. Put it in your bio on social media, your email signature, or send via direct message to any customer through GoReminders’ two-way messaging interface.

All Function, No Frills

Managing a “small” auto shop with an oversized workload?

You need software that makes your life simpler — not more complicated! Unfortunately, most scheduling and reminder software is difficult to set up and implement.

GoReminders is the easiest way to upgrade your shop scheduling. You can start booking appointments in just a few minutes!

Our easy-to-use scheduling software is perfect for busy shops, allowing you to:

  • Introduce self-booking in less than a minute.
  • Accelerate your booking process by capturing customer contact information for future appointments.
  • Reduce no-shows with automatic text and email service appointment reminders and confirmations.
  • Instantly reach more customers by promoting your booking form through social media and message blasts.
  • Allow customers to instantly add service appointments to their own digital calendars on Apple, Android, and other operating systems and apps with a convenient link in your reminders.

Our convenient desktop and mobile apps allow shop managers to effortlessly check service schedules, chat with customers, and review confirmations at the shop or on the go.

No-Shows? No Problem!

No-shows cost you money. We’re here to fix that.

Is there anything more frustrating than waiting around for a customer that never shows? What do you do if you have a line of walk-ins waiting in the lobby — do you wait for that customer to show up? Or do you give that time slot to one of the walk-ins?

Either way, you’re missing out on revenue from what should be billable time and causing your customers (and your technicians) undue frustration.

No-shows are a problem for auto shops across the country, costing owners, managers, and mechanics untold amounts of time, money, and opportunities to create new customer relationships. To solve this problem, you need a software solution that’s easy to implement and does most of the work for you. GoReminders is designed to be just that – easy-to-use software that helps auto shops like yours manage appointments and decrease no-shows automatically.

How One Auto Shop Recaptured $1,800+/Week in Revenue with GoReminders

Do You Know the True Cost of Missed Appointments?

Centro Toyota Auto Parts, a family-owned and operated auto retail, repair, and installation shop, had a common (but painful) problem. Despite an excellent reputation and a phone that rang off the hook, the shop was bleeding customers — and money.

Appointment no-shows, unpredictable wait times, and the challenge of juggling appointments and walk-ins led to Centro Toyota losing 20+ customers every week.

That’s more than 1,000 missed opportunities a year!

“I was usually taking people as they would arrive to my store, and it was a little difficult because I had no control.”

– Roberto Borges, Centro Toyota Owner

The Solution

Centro Toyota needed a tool that would allow them to:

✅ Book Appointments
✅ Capture Walk-ins
✅ Cut Average Wait Time
✅ Send Appointment Reminders

without wasting hours each work day on the shop computer.

Fewer Missed Appointments, More Revenue

Centro Toyota used GoReminders’ powerful software to implement a self-scheduling booking process that reduced no-shows by 90%.

Centro Toyota used GoReminders Automatic Confirmation, Reminder, and Rescheduling Tools to keep their schedule consistent and their bays busy.

Centro Toyota Auto Parts owner Roberto Borges credits GoReminders with allowing him to generate an additional $1,800/week.

That’s $93,600 a year in recaptured revenue!

“The beauty of it is that my schedule is always full…”

– Roberto Borges, Central Toyota Autoparts (owner)

Shop Owners That Tried GoReminders Said…

GoReminders have been a great addition to our Auto Glass business. Noshowappointmentshavebeenreducedby80%. Also, this company has the best customer service and really listens to the needs of there clients. I would refer this company and there service to anyone who has clients that meet for face to face appointments, whether you are going to them or they are coming to you!

Tanner Balfany, Only 1 Auto Glass

I am a driving instructor so I use GoReminders to remind my pupils that they have a lesson booked 24 hours before. Its a pre-typed message so I’m not constantly having to retype the message and I can change the message dependent on different circumstances. It’s actually reduced the amount of cancellations I have.

Mel, instructor at Safedrive Driving School

I started using GoReminders about 3 weeks ago. This is the best reminder service out there hands down.
I own two different companies, and Jonathan from GoReminders showed me how to make two different templates to be able to send two different reminders so I can send one message to my tinting customers and a complete different message for my cell phone customers. Their support is out of this world at how quick they reply to you and how quickly they help you get set up right.
My customers love that they can quickly look at the text, type the letter C to confirm the appointment which then alerts me that the customer has confirmed and will be there, or they can type the letter R and it will message me that the customer needs to reschedule and give me their phone number so that I can quickly call the customer and reschedule.
I’ve tried about every system out there and this one will not be beat I promise.

Wes Buttram

We cut out 90% of our no-shows—that's the truth.I estimate that GoReminders saves us $1,800.00 a week.

Roberto Borges, Centro Toyota Auto Parts

Your Straightforward Scheduling Solution

GoReminders lets you hit the ground running with straightforward and easy to use features:

✔ Booking Page Templates
✔ Appointment Reminders
✔ Appointment Confirmations
✔ Schedule Customization

Unlike most automotive appointment scheduling software, GoReminders is packed with time and money-saving features.

Features GoReminders Acuity Scheduling Vagaro
Add Your Logo
Customer Self-Scheduling
Unlimited Service Types Included
Text and Email Blasts
Unlimited Devices
Instant Calendar Updating ❌ 
Multiple Appointment Reminders ❌ 
Fully Customizable Reminder Templates ❌ 
Unlimited Locations Included ❌ 
Unlimited Staff Included ❌ 
30 Second Set-Up ❌ 
Two-Way Texting ❌ 
Multiple Time Slot Booking ❌ 
Review Screening Automation ❌ 



Can I automatically ask customers to leave a review after their appointment?Arrow

Yes! With GoReminders’ review automation feature, you can easily request feedback from customers and choose what you want to do with that feedback.

  1. In your GoReminders account, go into Settings > Reviews.
  2. Then, set up your review page by adding your Google My Business Page.
  3. From there, you can customize your messaging for review screening however you like.

When requesting reviews in a follow-up message, customers will first receive a link to your review page. The first screen they see when clicking on this link is a message asking them how their experience was. You can customize this message however you like.

Then, depending on whether they indicate a positive or negative experience (you can customize the option names), they will either be directed to your public review page or a different page to provide private feedback. This way, negative reviews aren’t posted if you don’t want them to be. But you can still use that feedback to repair the relationship or improve your business.

Read our help doc on How to Request a Google Review from Customers to learn more.

Can I remind my employees about appointments assigned to them?Arrow

Yes! You can remind both you and your employees about confirmed, canceled, or rescheduled appointments if you choose.

  1. When you create a new staff member, find the drop down labeled “Forward confirmation/reschedule notices and customer SMS replies?“
  2. Select “Yes, text me” or “Yes, email me” depending on your preference.
  3. Add the staff member’s email or phone number and click “Save.” They will now receive appointment notifications.

To remind yourself about every appointment, all you need to do is select “Yes, text me” or “Yes, email me” from the “Remind Yourself Too?” dropdown in the reminder settings. You can set a time frame for your reminders and add multiple phone numbers or email addresses if you choose.

How do I send an appointment reminder?Arrow

The easiest way to send an appointment reminder would have to have an app send it for you. The beauty of our appointment reminder software app GoReminders is that it automatically reminds your clients at the right time.

If you want your clients to get sent appointment reminder messages from our app, all you have to do is this:

  1. Enter the appointment in GoReminders.
  2. Make sure to include your client’s phone number or email address.
  3. Choose “Text” or “Email” or “Both” as the “Reminder Type” for the appointment reminder.
  4. Sit back, relax and the appointment reminders will automatically be sent at the right time.
What features should auto-shop owners look for in an appointment scheduling app?Arrow

When managing your service appointment schedule, you want something that makes you more productive and profitable. Some key features to look for are:

  • 24/7 Optional Online Booking
  • Automatic Text and Email Appointment Reminders
  • Easy-to-Confirm Appointments
  • Customizable Message Templates and Two-Way Messaging (so you don’t miss customer replies)
  • Customizable Booking Form
  • Customer Info Retention and Recurring Appointment Options
  • Excellent Customer Service

GoReminders offers all of this and more with easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps.

How do I add services to my appointment reminders?Arrow

With Services added to your account, you can also add the {{Service}} tag to your reminder templates, so if a service is selected on the appointment form or booking form, it will automatically be added to your text and email reminders. With GoReminders, you can add an unlimited number of services to use in appointments and reminders.

To create Services, do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings > Services page.
  2. Click the orange + sign to create a Service.
  3. In the Service Label text field, enter the name of the service (ie. For a hair salon, you may want to enter “Basic Style Service”). This is the selection you will see in the Service dropdown on the Appointment form.
  4. In the Details text field, enter a brief description of the service (ie. “Oil Change”). The Details text field is client-facing so text entered in this field will appear on the Booking form and in the reminder messages, if the {{Service}} template tag is used.
  5. Choose the Default Length of the service, if desired. (The default length can be overridden on the Appointment form when creating an appointment.)
  6. Click the Save button to keep the entries.
  7. Repeat Steps 2-6 for any additional services you’d like to have on your account.

Now your appointments will be more personalized with the services your business provides!

Kick Your Booking Process Into High Gear with GoReminders

Stop wasting valuable time making phone calls, writing emails, and chasing down no-shows.

Get back to doing what you do best — let GoReminders handle the rest!

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