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Auto Repair Scheduling and Reminder App 

Hit the brakes on no shows with automated appointment reminders for auto repair shops and automotive service departments. We save you time and your clients will be impressed when they automatically get email or text message reminders about their auto repair appointments. 

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Digital Transformation Is Disrupting the Auto Repair Industry

Several new technology-driven trends are shaking up the auto repair industry. 

Car owners are becoming more likely to take their maintenance and repair business to dealerships. 

Automation and digitization in new cars is causing owners to question whether local shops have the right technical expertise. 

Shops in the auto repair industry who upgrade their ways of working will demonstrate that they are poised to meet customer needs as technology advances.

Automotive repair appointment scheduling software is an easy way to demonstrate technical competence and digital transformation to today’s car owners.

Accelerate Bookings with Easy to Use Automotive Repair Appointment Scheduling Software

Whether you’re managing one auto shop or an entire chain, scheduling can easily put your repair and service departments off course. 

Put missed appointments, no shows, and other scheduling issues in your rear-view mirror with GoReminders.   

Drive Revenue by Ensuring Clients Show Up for Appointments

Text and email reminders make confirming appointments easy.

Easily sync your calendar across devices, so you can more effectively manage your team’s workload. When clients show up, there’s less standing around and more productivity for your technicians — which means more money in your pocket.

Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers with Email & Text Blasts

Turn one-time visitors into lifetime customers. Show customers you’re thinking of them with email and text blasts:

  • Put routine maintenance appointments on cruise control. Keep customers on track for routine maintenance appointments when you use an auto repair scheduling app.
  • Ask for feedback and testimonials. Generate more business for your shop by putting together a compelling collection of praise for your technicians. It’s easy to do with GoReminders.
  • Send promotions and marketing campaigns. With GoReminders, you don’t need additional marketing software. Let certain customers — or all of them — know about promotions you’re running. 

Praise for automotive repair appointment scheduling software

Roberto Borges, owner & operator of Centro Toyota Auto Parts based in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, struggled with managing appointments, no-show appointments and long wait times for clients. GoReminders helped Roberto cut out 90% of no-show appointments saving his auto repair shop $1,800/a week in revenue! 

Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Garage with GoReminders

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For $30/month, our most popular plan generates a return on investment with your first saved appointment.

We make getting started easy:

  • Set-up for a 2-week free trial takes just 10 seconds
  • There’s absolutely no training necessary
  • It’s this easy: Enter an appointment and GoReminders sends your customer automated reminders

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GoReminders have been a great addition to our Auto Glass business. Noshowappointmentshavebeenreducedby80%. Also, this company has the best customer service and really listens to the needs of there clients. I would refer this company and there service to anyone who has clients that meet for face to face appointments, whether you are going to them or they are coming to you!

Tanner Balfany, Only 1 Auto Glass

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

Our appointment scheduling app saves you time and makes you money by allowing you to focus tune-ups and repairs. We make it easy to send reminding text messages using the best appointment app – on any computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Your body-shop customers will receive automatic text reminders for appointments (or email reminders if they want…or both or none!).

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