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Most Staffing & Recruiting Agencies Make This Costly Mistake: Are You?

The other day I was reminded of a GoReminders client that I interviewed a few months back who owns a staffing agency.

At the time, this client always landed great deals but struggled to finalize the agreement. Candidates and oftentimes, their staff members weren’t showing up for gigs or interviews that were being scheduled.

This was totally tanking their business when people weren’t showing up—they were losing clients and it was just a total drain on revenue and morale. But when they implemented automated text reminders to get candidates and staff members to show at the right time and the right place, it was a total game-changer.

Sending candidates and staff appointment reminders completely turned their business around.

This is actually an issue that brings many staffing and recruiting agencies, as well as other businesses to seek GoReminders.

When people, whether it is your staff or potential clients, are not showing up or not showing up on time and at the right place, can take a serious toll on your business relationships and future revenue.

And you might not only just lose out on that revenue, but it could also be killing your reputation and word of mouth is going to suffer in terms of growing your business.

In today’s video, I am going to walk through a simple solution to this problem that will make your clients happy and increase client retention.

Check it out. 

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