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GoReminders vs SimpleTexting: Which is the Better Appointment-Booking Platform?

GoReminders is a user friendly appointment booking platform with powerful and proven time-saving features—Automated text and email reminders, and blast messages coupled with flexible scheduling and message personalization options make GoReminders a top choice for business owners in all industries. 

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While sending text messages is an important part of preventing appointment no-shows, a good appointment-booking solution should be able to do more than just send texts.

For instance, some customers may prefer to be contacted via email, so your appointment management platform should be able to send email reminders and messages. It should also be able to help you book and view appointments, among other essential features.

Accordingly, when you evaluate the suitability of SimpleTexting as an appointment-booking app, it quickly becomes clear that this text marketing service does not make the cut. The limitations of the platform become all the more obvious when you learn what GoReminders can do (and that SimpleTexting can’t):

Set up New Appointments—or Let Customers Do It Themselves

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Effortlessly book new appointments and business with GoReminders.

We’ve built GoReminders with the aim of saving businesses time. Accordingly, our platform makes it easy to book and store new appointments in a centralized database, viewable from any device and location. Fill out a short appointment form in the GoReminders app, providing your customer’s details and appointment date, and you’ll have a new appointment created in less than 10 seconds.

Alternatively, set up a Booking Form and share its link on your website and social media platforms. Customers can then fill out the Booking Form at their convenience to request appointments with you. You can also enable instant booking to automatically accept appointment requests as they come in.

In contrast, SimpleTexting isn’t a full-fledged appointment-booking service. It’s fundamentally good for only one thing: sending marketing messages via text.

As a result, SimpleTexting doesn’t have any built-in features for creating or accepting appointments. You’d have to record appointments elsewhere before using the platform to text your customers, which can be a hassle.

View Your Appointments in a Convenient Calendar

After booking appointments, you’ll need to stay on top of them so you know which services you’ll be providing next, to which customers, and on which dates. You should also keep an eye on your schedule so you don’t accidentally double-book yourself.

The GoReminders platform includes a built-in calendar for viewing all your appointments in one place. Toggle between agenda, day, week, and month views for your calendar depending on whether you need a bird’s eye view of your appointments, or want to zoom in on appointments on any particular day. You can also filter your appointments by location, appointment status, and staff, or even create your own labels for filtering appointments by.

All these calendar features are something you’ll miss out on if you opt for SimpleTexting, because it doesn’t have an appointments calendar. Accordingly, you’d need to use a separate calendar app to view your appointments. However, if you need to use two additional apps for separately booking appointments and viewing upcoming ones, imagine how much more complicated your workflow will be.

Automate up to Three Reminder Messages

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GoReminders helps you nudge customers about upcoming appointments on autopilot.

People are busy and may forget about their appointments. However, you’re busy as well and don’t have all day to manually send appointment reminders to your customers.

In this respect, GoReminders’ automated reminder messages are a lifesaver. You’ll compose your reminder messages as Reminder Templates, and select a Reminder Schedule for each Reminder Template. Set up your reminder messages to be sent as far ahead as 30 days before the appointment, or even one hour before the appointment time—you have complete flexibility to choose the best Reminder Schedules for your business.

Your customers will then receive the reminders as a text reminder and/or email reminder, depending on their communication preferences. You can send up to three text and three email reminders with identical messages—for a total of six reminders per appointment—in this way. Afterward, customers can reply to the reminders using our two-way text/email messaging feature if needed. This is handy if customers want to ask a question about their appointment or reschedule it.

Alternatively, if you’d like to automate the sending of up to six text and email reminders with different message contents for a single appointment, then use through our Message Sequence feature. With it, you can mix and match Reminder Templates for your reminder messages, and also set different Reminder Schedules for each of them.

When you use our automated reminders, you have peace of mind that your reminders are being sent like clockwork, even as you attend to other business responsibilities. With SimpleTexting, however, you’re allowed to schedule only up to one autoresponder message. This simply may not be sufficient for ensuring that customers remember and turn up for their appointments, especially if you’re accepting appointments far in advance.

Blast Mass Texts and Emails to Your Customers

Apart from sending customers automated appointment reminders, you may also want to send one-off messages to a handful of customers or all of them. For example, you may want to promote a new service offering or inform customers of a temporary store closure.

Whichever is the case, our Message Blasts feature makes it a breeze to mass-message your customers. After composing your message as a Message Blast, you can choose whether to send it to all your customers, or only a select group of them.

In addition, because GoReminders is more than a text blast app, you’ll also be able to send email blasts to your customers. Customers who prefer to be contacted via email instead of text will appreciate you for it. This is in contrast to SimpleTexting, which supports the sending of mass texts but not mass emails. SimpleTexting may hence not be the right platform for you if you need the option to contact customers by email instead of text.

Personalize Your Messages for a VIP Experience

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GoReminders’ Template Tags make personalizing your customer messages a breeze.

Creating a personalized customer experience goes a long way in attracting repeat customers—and it starts from personalizing all your customer communications, including the humble reminder message.

When you set up your Reminder Templates and Message Blasts in GoReminders, you’ll have the option of adding Template Tags. These are placeholders for information such as your customer’s first name, salutation, or username, which we’ll dynamically populate with your customer’s information.

By default, we also offer Template Tags for key appointment details such as appointment dates and times, staff names, and services. However, you can create your own custom Template Tags to meet your business’ needs, such as a Template Tag for including video meeting links in your reminders.

While SimpleTexting also offers information placeholders in the form of “custom fields”, these are limited to customer details such as their first name, phone number, and email address. The platform doesn’t include custom fields for appointment information. Neither can you create your own custom fields for such crucial information.

Without being able to specify your customers’ appointment details in your messages, you’ll find the effectiveness of appointment reminder messages sent through SimpleTexting to be severely limited.

SimpleTexting vs GoReminders: The Verdict

When selecting an appointment-booking platform, you’ll be looking for platforms that have certain features. For instance, any entry-level solution should include a function for booking appointments, and for viewing appointments in a calendar. As a pure text marketing service, SimpleTexting lacks these crucial features, which should immediately rule it out as a contender as you shortlist appointment-booking solutions.

However, GoReminders is no barebones appointment-scheduling software either. Apart from containing an appointment-booking form and calendar, it also packs in powerful and proven time-saving features for businesses to automate their text and email reminders, or mass-message multiple customers at once. Couple that with flexible scheduling and message personalization options, and it’s no small wonder that GoReminders is loved by business owners in all industries.

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See Why People Love Using GoReminders

We were looking for a solution to automate the reminder process for our employee interviews, and after looking at several solutions we landed with GoReminders. This product does everything we want and is highly efficient to use. Our applicants receive a confirmation of their interview appointment, and subsequent reminders, all of which can be customized to your company. The product reduces the number of no-shows and saves valuable admin time by not having to make additional phone calls. Very happy with GoReminders!

Chris Mihm, Freedom Home Care

I love GoReminders! It has helped me stay organized with so many clients. I love the feature where a reminder is sent one day before the scheduled services and I love the affordability of GoReminders!

Gera Turner, Loxxi Brown

One of the biggest issues I really had was tracking down my clients—unless I was able to confirm and respond the moment I got their texts, which I don't often have time to do, I’d have to go back. With GoReminders I can literally save 1-2 hours of time a day, because I'm able to input their information quickly and confirm their appointment at the exact moment without having to take that 10-15 minutes to go into a system, create their profile, input their reservation information, etc.

Anna Golda Yu, Work & Tot

Sometimes my staff and I would come in knowing that we've got a very busy day of bookings—20 plus people in a day, and then find out that half of our day is now not showing up. GoReminders has really helped a lot for getting away from those no-show appointments, particularly because we are an appointment based service facility.

Kelly Brookes, West Coast Piercing

GoReminders has cut our last-minute appointment cancellations and at door reschedule requests down considerably. Our customers get an automatic reminder and can confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments directly from a text or email, PRIOR to our technicians arriving to their home and typically with enough advance notice that we may offer the appointment to another valued customer. It's made our day-to-day operations more efficient in the office because we no longer have to spend time physically calling, trying to confirm appointments, and hoping they call back. And our customers love that we offer this feature!

Mike Stanuszek, Volunteer Visitation Services