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Information on managing your Customers, Clients, Volunteers, and Patients.

How do I edit or delete a customer’s information?

Staying organized can be a challenge, but searching for and editing/deleting your client’s customer profile is easy!

Message blast unsubscribes

It’s important to allow customers to unsubscribe themselves. What happens if a customer unsubscribes from a Message Blast?

Do my customers need to download the GoReminders app?

Your clients don’t need to sign up for GoReminders or download the app. They’ll simply receive text message reminders.

Creating Customer Profiles

How can I add a client to my account without importing a list or creating an appointment? Take a look at these instructions to find out.

Can reminder messages show times in the customer’s timezone?

Sometimes your customers are in different time zones. Here’s how to set custom timezones for your customers

How to view & export your customer list

Need a single list of all your clients? Just export! Check out these instructions for viewing and exporting your full customer list.

Can my customers add their appointment to their calendars?

Here’s information on how your customers can add their appointment to their calendar.

How can I create a Customer Group?

Check this article for info on adding multiple people to an appointment and sending a group message through message blasts.

How can I add people to my customer list?

Adding customers to your GoReminders account is a simple. Check this article to know how!