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Get Started with GoReminders

The basics of appointment creation, designing reminders and more.

Add a Shortcut to Your Desktop Computer for Quick Access to GoReminders

How to add a shortcut to GoReminders to your PC or Mac’s desktop for easy access to!

How many appointments and reminders do I have?

Information on your account limits. These limits are determined by which plan you are subscribed to.

Monthly appointment limit

What happens if I run out of appointments? You’ll get a simple notification, and you can upgrade for more appointments if you need.

Getting Started

Here’s a quick video tutorial demo showing the basics of GoReminders. It’s filled with all sorts of useful tips!

Can I import my contacts?

You don’t have to manually enter your customers, save a ton of time and effort by importing them into GoReminders!

Message Templates

More information on how message templates work and their default behavior. You can use one template or many different ones.

How to Create a Message Template

Send customizable reminders via SMS and email! To get started with reminders you need to create a Message Template. Learn how.

How much does GoReminders cost?

What is the yearly and monthly pricing? Everything you need to know about the different levels of pricing.

Common Questions

In this article, we’ve compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Is there a monthly payment option?

Check this article for more information on signing up for the monthly payment option.