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Mindbody vs GoReminders: Which is Better at Scheduling and Reminders?

If you’re looking for an affordable appointment-booking and client reminder solution that’s easy to use, and that has been proven to help cut customer no-show rates, then GoReminders is the solution for you.

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We help gyms and wellness businesses to manage appointments and get clients to show up.

Send reminders and reduce no-show rates.

Mindbody is an option for fitness businesses that need a suite of tools for managing their appointments, classes, handling self-check-ins, or even creating their own branded mobile app.

This is exactly what GoReminders does and more.  We’re laser-focused on building truly great software for booking appointments and scheduling reminders with zero hassle.

If you’re looking for an affordable appointment booking app and client reminder solution that’s easy to use, and that has been proven to help cut no-show rates to as low as one to two per year, GoReminders is the solution for you.


Appointment-Booking Made Simple

GoReminders helps manage classes and remind clients of their appointments.

Maximize time spent with customers using our booking app.

As a dedicated scheduling and reminders app, GoReminders makes booking new appointments effortless. Sign up for an account and fill out a short appointment form and you can have your first appointment created in 10 seconds.

Have a bunch of appointments scheduled? You can easily view all of them at one glance in a calendar and filter them by the customer, location, and more to find the exact appointments you’re looking for.

Your clients will also get text reminders and/or email reminders about the appointment following the reminder schedule that you’ve set up. These reminders are sent automatically, so you can focus on serving the clients who show up; with using GoReminders, they are much more likely to show up. 

Mindbody’s appointment-booking platform offers functions that cater to less common situations. Even if you don’t need these features, you’d still have to pay Mindbody’s steep service price, but we’ll come to that later. If you’re looking for a minimalist solution for booking appointments into your schedule and a service tool that allows you to send reminders to clients so they don’t blow you off, GoReminders does this without unnecessary fuss.

Manage Your Client Database in One Place

Are you manually keeping track of your clients in a spreadsheet? With GoReminders, you won’t need to. As you book appointments, GoReminders saves your customer’s details in a database, making it convenient to retrieve and view their info anytime.

GoReminders is also a group scheduling app, which is handy if you conduct group classes or need to send reminders to parents of your younger clients.

When you’ve scored a repeat booking (all right!), don’t worry about repeatedly typing in your client’s info from scratch because GoReminders can autofill their data into the new booking instantly. This will not only help avoid booking mistakes, but it is also a total time-saver.

If you already have a list of customers, importing them to GoReminders is a breeze. Simply import them using your computer or phone and you’ll be able to autofill their data for new appointments in no time.

Mindbody offers a client management feature, but it is significantly more complex.

To start, finding a clients profile involves various steps and the journey to a customers profile is far from over — you’ll need to navigate through various pages just to get to the info that you’re looking for. Mindbody suggests adjusting their own default settings to make this a simpler process, but even worse it has to be adjusted for each client individually. If you’re already lost, then MindBody is not the solution for you.

With GoReminders, searching for a customer profile is simple and can be done in less than a minute using the customer’s name — it seriously could not be more simple. Alternatively, you can find your customers using the list view which can be sorted by name, or the most recent appointment date. 

Moreover, GoReminders provides all of the customer information you need in one place. Interested in updating your clients contact information and seeing their last appointment, along with relevant notes? No problem, it’s all on the same page. Mindbody on the other hand? To view contact reports, you will need to navigate through report pages, using filters based on why the customer was contacted or visited your business. While the Mindbody client management feature aims to be as organized as possible, you’ll spend more time searching through it than anything else. 

With GoReminders the contact information you need is just a few clicks away.

Message All Your Clients—in One Blast

Text blasts are a useful way to send a message to group of customers.

Keep your clients engaged with text blast messages.

GoReminders isn’t just built for reminding clients about upcoming appointments. It can send marketing messages to your clients at scale too.

This is due to our Message Blasts feature, which does exactly what it says it does. Messages can be sent out via text blast or email blast, or both, and you can also choose whether to blast messages to all your clients or only certain groups. 

If a client needs to reschedule or cancel their appointment, they can simply send replies through SMS, email, or both to let you know. Thanks to our two-way messaging feature that’s available on our Business and Premium plan, you’ll also be able to receive emails from your clients and communicate with them directly. Without these features, your clients’ replies would go into a black hole and you’d never even know about the changes to their appointment.

Mindbody offers a similar SMS and email messaging service, but its availability depends on your industry and the type of pricing plan you choose. To get unlimited two-way messaging, you’d generally have to shell out for Mindbody’s most expensive plans. Its cheapest plan, which is about 10 times more expensive than GoReminders lowest plan, restricts you to only one-way messaging. This feature isn’t ideal for staying informed of your clients’ appointment change requests.

Even then, Mindbody’s cheapest plan can still be really expensive when compared to the value that we offer on our plans. 

Here’s what we mean:

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Like our product, we aim to make our pricing as straightforward and easy to understand as possible. Our plans are affordable and each offers an array of features to help you book appointments effortlessly. The GoReminders plans fit all types and sizes, offering text and email reminders, message blasts, two-way messaging, and more. Mindbody pricing on the other hand? No offense, but we feel there is a lot of room for improvement.

As mentioned above, Mindbody offers 16 different pricing plans due to how it categorizes its plans into four industry types with four plans each. These plans’ features and prices can also differ according to industry.

For example, the cheapest Starter plan for the Spa industry is $129 per month and comes with optional add-ons for creating a branded mobile app. The cheapest Starter plan for the Fitness industry is $10 more expensive at $139 per month, and you don’t even get the choice of getting add-ons.

Mindbody’s Starter plan—whether it’s $129 or $139 per month or something else—is also generally way more expensive than GoReminders and we’re not sure if that’s justified.

Mindbody offers features that businesses rarely need and charge a lot for them. That being said, Mindbody could be a seriously overpriced appointment booking solution, especially since you can’t even get client replies to your messages!

Our Premium plan—which lets you white-label our solution and unlock unlimited calendars, among other cool features—is less expensive than Mindbody’s Starter plan. GoReminders is really a no-brainer if you’re comparing the prices of our booking solution against Mindbody’s.

Fast and Friendly Customer Support


In-chat customer service and knowledge-based articles to answer your questions.

While the GoReminders platform is easy to use, sometimes you may have a question or two about a certain feature. No problem!

For such situations, we’ve structured our customer support to help you resolve your questions in the quickest and simplest way possible. With just a few clicks of the in-chat support button or a phone call, you’ll be able to reach out to our friendly customer support team no matter where you are on the GoReminders platform.

In fact, here’s a shout-out to Hanah S., who left us this kudos on Capterra: “I also love how the customer service chat is constantly available and you can contact someone quickly to help you.”

We aim to reply to questions as fast as possible, but to speed up the process, even more, we’ve created an awesome knowledge base of guides that makes it convenient to get answers even before our support team gets back to you.

Mindbody offers email and phone support in addition to its own knowledge base. However, the quality of Mindbody customer support appears to be mixed. Some users have complained of support being slow (taking several days to respond), or just being simply unresponsive.

Integrate GoReminders with Your Calendar & Other Apps

As mentioned, GoReminders offers a built-in calendar for viewing your appointments on the platform. You can also integrate GoReminders with your Google, Outlook, Apple Calendar, and more, allowing your appointments to seamlessly transfer while eliminating the need for calendar-switching!

What’s more, GoReminders has a Zapier integration for quick and easy integration with 3,000+ other apps.

Mindbody currently doesn’t offer a Zapier integration. 🙁

If you’re looking for Mindbody integrations you’ll need to check if there’s a direct integration between Mindbody and that other app. Consequently, this results in fewer apps that integrate with Mindbody compared to GoReminders. On the bright side, you can easily integrate GoReminders with any app you want using Zapier.

Some of Mindbody’s integrations are complicated. For example, you can integrate Mindbody with Outlook Calendar only after you’ve integrated Google Calendar.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to work with a software developer for a custom solution, you can integrate with both GoReminders via our API! While Mindbody charges extra for API integration, you can get API integration on GoReminders’ Premium plan at no extra charge.

Mindbody vs GoReminders: The Verdict

When it comes to Mindbody competitors, comparing GoReminders and Mindbody is a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

The Mindbody software is designed for businesses that need complex membership management systems and can and justify a much higher price point for that.

On the other hand, GoReminders is built to be an affordable service that’s easy for businesses to get started with booking appointments and scheduling reminders, and communicating with customers, clients, or patients with practically no learning curve.

So, if you need amazing scheduling and reminder functionality, but don’t want to pay a ton for an overly complex system, then GoReminders is the right choice for you!

Keen to give GoReminders a go? To register use this link to sign up for a free 14-day trial (credit card not required).

See Why People Love Using GoReminders

I’ve been using this service for several months and my clients comment about it daily. Theylovethereminders and I love that I can add a message for particular clients. They also make changes that I love all the time!!! Quick and wonderful customer service. A+++++!

Janelle Lynn, Lush Hair Salon

As a very busy mom, wife and business owner, GoReminders has been a game changer. Our days feel less chaotic, more productive and business is up!

Kayti Lomeli, Financial Advisor

Of the 30 online schedulers I have used, GoReminders is the most efficient, easy to use and reliable. Your recurring appointment feature is top notch and saves my life.

Luis Rivera, Virtual Coach

Best investment ever! Thanks to GoReminders I save so much money and time for my nail salon.

Jenifer Phương Quyên Huỳnh, Nail Salon

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