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Centro Toyota Auto Parts Case Study

How Centro Toyota Auto Parts started using GoReminders for their appointment scheduling software to cut down on wait times and no-show appointments, organize their scheduling process and save money. 


Centro Toyota Auto Parts is a family-owned and managed auto-part retail, repair and installation business specializing in Toyota car parts and vehicles. Based in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, Centro Toyota Auto Parts has proudly served the island since 1992. Robert Borges, owner & operator of Centro Toyota Auto Parts, acquired the business from his brother, Benny Borges, in 1998. For over 20 years, the Borges family name has become synonymous with high quality and friendly service.

Centro Toyota Auto Parts, like many auto-repair businesses, is appointment based due to the highly personalized services required. For many years, Toyota has remained as the top selling automobile brand in Puerto Rico making Centro Toyota Auto Parts a crucial part of the community. 

With business booming, Roberto struggled to manage the demand of his services, often resulting in long wait times for clients, lost customers and no-show appointments. This is a common issue that brings many businesses to GoReminders. 

GoReminders is an appointment scheduling and reminder app for the auto repair industry proven to cut out no-shows and increase revenue.

The prior appointment system at Centro Toyota worked with a first-come, first-serve basis that had minimal structure and was often crowd sourced; customers would often arrive before opening time and create their own wait list. This ultimately led to customers being turned away on more than one occasion. Those customers would eventually never return to the shop or no-show their appointment. 

“I was usually taking people as they would arrive to my store and it was a little difficult because I had no control” 

At one point, Centro Toyota was experiencing an average of 20 lost customers per week.

That’s when Roberto decided it was time to find a solution. Roberto began searching for appointment scheduling software and came across GoReminders. 

“—the service you were providing was the exact thing I needed.” 


Save your business time and money by reducing no-show rates and last minute cancellations with GoReminders.

GoReminders immediately became the solution Centro Toyota Auto Parts gravely needed. GoReminders’ user-friendly setup made the process seamless from start to finish. Roberto was able to have the  GoReminders account up and running and his staff trained in minimal time. 

With GoReminders appointment creation tool, Roberto is able to quickly give his clients a time and date for their appointment. Providing clients with a dedicated appointment has resulted in a significant decrease in no-show appointments and decreased wait times for clients. 

GoReminders has decreased Centro Toyota Auto Parts’ no-show rate by 90%. 

“—you have a time when you come in and I will dedicate that time to your car and your car only, and your wait time will be less.

Additionally, GoReminders multilingual text appointment reminder functionality gives Centro Toyota Auto Parts the ability to send out automated text reminders with appointment instructions in Spanish; the language predominantly spoken by Roberto’s clients. Knowing which appointments are confirmed or need to be rescheduled gives Centro Toyota Auto Parts the ability to fill the empty slots. Since using GoReminders, Centro Toyota Auto Parts has saved an estimated $1,800.00/week. 

The beauty of it is that my schedule is always full…they love it when I call them— ‘Hey I have an appointment right now, do you want to come in? Confirm and the space is yours’ ”. 


Keep your clients updated on upcoming appointments with GoReminders.

As a small business owner, finding the time to get organized can become a difficult and stressful task. Appointments are the lifeline of service based businesses and an inefficient appointment process can often have severe implications. Roberto Borges desperately needed to implement an efficient and effective appointment process at Centro Toyota Auto Parts  and GoReminders has helped him achieve that. 

GoReminders has not only dramatically improved the appointment management process at Centro Toyota Auto Parts, but it has improved the service they’re providing to customers. Customers appreciate the reminders and acknowledge that Centro Toyota Auto Parts values their time. 

After finding GoReminders, Roberto signed up for the monthly plan and has been using GoReminders since 2020. 

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