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Scheduled Text Message Software - Android & iPhone

Scheduled texts are easy with GoReminders. Setup is quick, you'll be sending text message reminders & marketing texts to one or more people in no time. Schedule a text message on iPhone and Android. Try this timed text message software for free, or read more below.

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Research shows that people prefer to receive texts over most other forms of communication. Any appointment-based business must use text reminders and SMS marketing to stay competitive. A text scheduler system can be an essential part of daily operations. A good SMS scheduler service will allow you to pre-fill timed text messages to your customers, but more importantly increase the productivity of you and your staff – making a big impact on your bottom line.

GoReminders is the best text scheduler software on the market today. Automated appointment confirmation makes unannounced no-shows less likely, and makes it so customers who need to reschedule don’t have to call you. People love that!

Scheduled text message app

Our app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and on the web. We serve all types of industries from hair salons, dog groomers, construction, seasonal businesses, healthcare and wellness, and everything else that requires an appointment!

We’re complete with a full suite a features like multilingual reminders, online booking, recurring appointments, and many more. Our customers also love using our scheduled text app to double as their calendar reminders app!

Schedule text messages using the GoReminders calendar
Schedule text messages using the GoReminders calendar

Need a text marketing service? Our award winning appointment reminder app also allows for SMS marketing. This feature allows you to promote, announce, advertise and engage with your audience through our timed text messaging program. You can send bulk text messages to any number of customers, staff, or both, with just a few clicks.

GoReminders is available on the web and on mobile devices. You can use the app to schedule text messages on Android and on iPhone.


Can you schedule a text message?

Yes, scheduling text messages is right in GoReminders’ wheelhouse. Our customers send scheduled texts to their clients, customers, potential customers, and staff every day. Our easy-to-use scheduled text messages app is available for Android on the Google Play Store, and on iPhone in the App Store.

GoReminders is an easy to use text message scheduler app
GoReminders is an easy to use text message scheduler app

How to schedule a text message

It’s as easy as creating an appointment and setting a day and time for the reminder to go out! Sign up for a free 14 day trial, no credit card required!

How to send a timed text

Timed text messages are easy to set up on the GoReminders website or mobile app, just create an appointment and you’re done. You can send scheduled text messages using and iPhone or Android device. You can even send timed texts to multiple people using our group scheduling feature.

How to send a scheduled text message

Sending a scheduled text message on GoReminders is as simple as can be. All you need to do is create an appointment in our appointment scheduling app and that’s it! Your scheduled text message will go out to one or more people of your choosing.

Praise for our text scheduler software

Missing an appointment using GoReminders is impossible. If we forget about an appointment, GoReminders is there to remind us and our customers. I love that it does text message & email reminders!

Jose Hossein, Executive Director at On Drive Techs Jose Hossein, Executive Director at On Drive Techs

My clients and I are loving this program! It is nice and simple with a very straight forward user interface. As a business consultant, I am always looking for technology to improve efficiencies for my clients. I researched three different reminder applications and GoReminders was the most compatible for my client who does multiple scheduled daily deliveries to repeat customers on a varied rotation basis. This app also delivers reminders without them having to be sent through a cell phone which was critical for my client as they didn’t want the text messages being sent from a cell phone. Having the option to use the application in the App or on a Desktop is great. This application will work well for any sized business and because of its simple user interface, even the most basic technological user will find the input of data very user friendly.

Susan R Susan R

I really enjoy GoReminders! It’s definitely a great asset to our company and saves us loads of time by both reducing the amount of “confirmation calls” we need to do manually, and the amount of missed service calls due to locked gates or forgotten appointments. GoReminders is efficient and simple to use.

Melainy Noah, Office Manager at Elite Pool Service Melainy Noah, Office Manager at Elite Pool Service

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