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SOAP Notes Software

SOAP notes have long been used in the healthcare industry to help keep practitioners and providers organized and focused on a singular set of goals. GoReminders can help you leverage these types of notes in our reminder software, complete with SOAP notes for all your clients and patients.

Running any kind of appointment-based practice is comes with the major hurdles of staying focused, organized, and making sure you’re getting the most from your time. There are plenty of tools you can use to overcome these problems, and one of the best of these is GoReminders, an appointment booking app with note-taking functionality.

Our appointment scheduling software comes with this easy-to-use note functionality built right in, and one way to put that to great use if you’re in the any number of medical or wellness industries, is with SOAP notes.

SOAP notes are an acronym for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan, and they are a common methodology for healthcare providers of all kinds to document notes about treatment plans, stay organized, and record and share information in a universal, systematic and easy-to-read format.

In GoReminders, writing a SOAP Note is easy, you can just navigate to your customer’s page, enter in the note, and hit save. Every note stays saved on the customer’s page, so it’s always there when you you need to reference it. Our calendar reminder app will not only help you stay organized, but also automatically remind your clients, all at once! It’s all in the same app, which is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, along with our web-based software which you can use from any device.

Industries That Commonly Use SOAP Notes

SOAP Note Format

Here’s a quick guide for how you can format a SOAP note.

S: Subjective

This is where you want to describe the problem you’re trying to solve. How is the problem being experienced?  What are the effects of the problem? What are your initial impressions?

O: Objective

How are we going to solve the problem? How can we measure success? This is the step where you want to be gathering data and trying to quantify and describe what the solution will look like.

A: Assessment 

How are you going to turn your observations, data, and goals into success. This is where you weigh different factors and try to determine the causes of the problem(s). Brainstorm for potential solutions. Weigh the risks of different courses of action.

P: Plan

How are we going to proceed? You’ve done all the legwork, now you need to put to use and stick to it with a clear timeline, monitoring your progress along the way.

How to Write a SOAP Note

Just log in to GoReminders, navigate to your customer’s page, and there you’ll see a field to enter in your notes. It couldn’t be simpler!

SOAP Note Template

Here’s a template you can use for a SOAP Note in GoReminders.


Relevant past medical history
Patient’s self-assessment or review of their symptoms
Current medications


Physical exam
Labs, x-rays, etc. completed at the visit


Your assessment of the patient’s problems
Potential alternative diagnoses


Your plan for the treating the patient based on the problems you’ve identified
Treatment plan for possible alternative diagnoses

Praise for our SOAP Note Software

I’ve been using Go Reminders for my massage business. Nothing is more annoying than remembering to send reminders to clients so they don’t miss their appointments. Go Reminders is easy to use and has a clean feel and look. A couple things that I like are the appointments go into my Google calendar, I also like that you can edit your reminder message template. Lots of other services do not let you edit.
They always seem to be working on things to make your life easier.

Tony Shannon, LMT

I provide virtual wellness coaching and education services to individuals and families around the world so that they can experience a fuller, healthier life today. Of the 30 online schedulers I have used, GoReminders is the most efficient, easy to use, and reliable. Your recurring appointment feature is top notch and saves my life. We immediately prepaid for a year of GoReminders and got the discount! You may be the winner of the 7 year calendar app search.

Luis Rivera of Embrace Yourself Wellness

I manage donor recruitment for a small community blood bank in northern California. I want to thank you for providing an option for small and non-profit organizations without a huge investment. It’s often difficult to find a balance between 90% functional freeware and an investment that I’d have to lay someone off to afford. GoReminders seems like a great balance.

John from Northern California Community Blood Bank

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