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One challenge for our tattoo shop was last-minute cancellations from clients who made an appointment but didn’t quite know what they wanted. This left valuable appointment slots empty for my in-demand studio and was causing us to lose money. Since implementing the GoReminders online scheduler tool as my tattoo shop app, we have been able to schedule text messages to remind clients about their appointments several days in advance, prompting them to make any final decisions about their tattoos. If a client needs to cancel, the empty slot then has time to be filled by another eager client.

Carlos Ortiz, Aztek Ink

1. Schedule appointment

2. Reminders get sent

3. Client shows up

Feedback From Tattooers Who Use GoReminders

A few moments of my time and my clients get automatic reminders. Saves me time and they’ve never had that kind of service at a tattoo shop. My clients always ask “are you gonna send me a reminder for my next appointment?” Not kidding, they’re impressed as much as I am!

Chuck, Owner of Firehouse Tattoos

We definitely had our fair share of no-shows and unfortunately, with a service industry like ours and also dealing with custom designs and jewelry settings, and stuff like that, it is important that people are showing up to their appointments. We might’ve had 10 no-shows in a week, and GoReminders brought that down 80% to 90%—and it's created some other protocols in terms of how we are able to deal with the no-show clients.

Kelly Brookes, West Coast Piercing

I just love everything about it! It's simple, easy to use, and all of my employees at the shop want to use it as well. GoReminders is definitely great in helping with no-shows and cancellations because we're able to send our clients two different messages. If someone needs to reschedule or cancel, they will just get that text and then be able to resolve that issue really quickly. In the end, I feel like it helped us to get really good and positive Google reviews from our clients because we have a nice system and clients like that organization.

Tiffany Perez, Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio

Cuts down on no shows!
Overall: Reminding our clients of their appointment via text has saved us from many no shows. No shows cost us money. The texts have really helped to save us.
Pros: GoReminders has been invaluable helping us cut down on no shows. That saves us money!
Cons: Nothing! It’s great! We’ve never had any issues at all.

Barbara Jean M.

After 10 no shows in a couple weeks, we desperately needed to figure out how to do efficient appointment reminders. I am so glad we found Go Reminders. It is so easy to use and the features allow me to keep track of appointments for several artists in a busy Tattoo studio. We have had only one no show in the bast 6 or 7 months that we have been using them. That no show was due to a client who works 3rd shift falling asleep and missing it so that could not be prevented. I love that we’re able to separate not only the artists but also the different services we offer allowing us to set the type of appointment so we know whether to set up for consultations, decorative, cosmetic or Areola tattooing.
You can even set up a reminder to the artist as well so they know to have artwork done for the appointment. My artists also value the confirmations and rescheduling responses sent to them so they are aware of their own scheduling and/or last minute changes that they need to make.
I can not praise this company enough and could probably write a whole book on how great their services are. Weary of working with a new service we agreed to try it on a month to month basis for 3 months after a couple weeks we saw the value and have since changed over to yearly and saved a bit of cash. For $20 a month we have easily saved hundreds of dollars from no shows. If you have any questions about this service, I would be happy to answer them for you.

Brit Zane, Juli Moon Studio

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