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Vagaro vs GoReminders: Powerful Appointment-Booking Features Shouldn’t Come at a High Cost

If you’re looking for an affordable appointment-booking and client reminder solution that is simple to use and that has been proven to help cut customer no-show rates, then GoReminders is the solution for you. 

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With GoReminders, your business can prevent no-shows with confidence.

If you run a salon, spa, or fitness business, you may have heard of Vagaro. You may have also heard of some of Vagaro’s competitors. It provides spa, fitness, and salon appointment software with management features for business owners to book appointments, send reminders, and view their upcoming schedules in a calendar.

These are all features that our GoReminders appointment-booking app also offers—and does better. Digging deeper into Vagaro, you’ll find that some of its appointment-booking features aren’t as comprehensive as they need to be to meet the needs of service businesses.

On the other hand, when you choose GoReminders, you’re investing in powerful features designed to help you get customers to show up, without any muss or fuss.

Here’s why GoReminders is the appointment-scheduling software for you:

Advanced Customer Reminders for Appointments

We understand that you’re busy, and don’t have time to navigate across menus when setting up new appointments. With this in mind, we’ve designed GoReminders in a way that saves our customers time. Crucially, we’ve prominently listed our appointment-booking feature in the GoReminders dashboard so you can book customers with just a few clicks.

Of course, setting up appointments is only half the battle—your customers have to show up for their appointments too.

With GoReminders, you’ll be able to customize and send customers up to three text reminders for appointments and/or email reminders. Moreover, GoReminders includes a scheduling feature that allows for reminders to be scheduled up to 30 days prior to an appointment, or as soon as one hour before the appointment.

On the other hand, Vagaro’s reminder features are a little bare.

Similarly to GoReminders, you can set up reminder messages for booking details and appointment confirmation requests in Vagaro. With Vagaro, however, the drawback is that you can create only one customer reminder for each appointment.

Consequently, if a customer happens to miss this one and only reminder, then they might forget about their appointment—which means a loss of revenue for your business if they are a no-show.

Personalize Your Text and Email Blasts

The Message Blast is our feature for sending one-off messages to one customer or a group of them. It is a vital customer engagement tool, allowing you to keep customers informed of limited-time promotions, extended store hours and other updates.

Use GoReminders to craft your message, then instantly text or email it to your customers with a single click of the “Send Now” button. Talk about sheer convenience!

At the same time, don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your customers by personalizing your text blast or email blast.

We offer placeholders called “template tags”, which will dynamically insert appointment information into your Message Blasts. Using these handy template tags, you’ll be able to address each and every recipient by name, or mention the services they’ve booked with you.

Alternatively, you can even create your own template tags. When it comes to personalizing your messages, the sky’s the limit!

While Vagaro offers a similar message blast feature, it lacks placeholders for message personalization. This means that you can’t personalize your messages—not easily, anyway. You’d have to individually copy/paste and edit your messages before sending them, which is a time-consuming process.

Exceptional Customer Service

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Need help? GoReminders awesome customer support team has got your back.

At GoReminders, we’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of our client reminder software so that your customers show up for their appointments. If you have a question on using the platform, simply contact us through our live chat. Our friendly customer support team will be right with you, eager to help.

We love talking to our customers to better understand their needs. In fact, we created some of our platform’s appointment-setting features precisely because our customers asked for them! Just take it from Tanner Balfany, Account Manager of a vehicle windshield repair business 

Only 1 Auto Glass:

GoReminders has been a great addition to our Auto Glass business. No-show appointments have been reduced by 80%. Also this company has the best customer service and really listens to the needs of their clients.

I would refer this company and their service to anyone who has clients that meet for face-to-face appointments, whether you are going to them or they are coming to you!”

In contrast, Vagaro’s customer service appears to be lacking at times.

Users have complained about slow response times, system glitches and adding services to their bill without their consent. Adding insult to injury, Vagaro also refused to waive the charges incurred for these unwanted services.

Affordable, Value-for-Money Pricing

We’ve structured our pricing plans to bundle in our main appointment-booking features right off the bat. In this way, you save money by not having to pay for add-ons. You’d have to top up only if you find yourself needing additional blocks of appointments, or if you want to upgrade your plan.

Our entry-level plan is affordably priced at $12 per month, which gets you access to all essential appointment-booking features, such as one calendar integration, customizable automated text reminders and automated email reminders and Message Blasts.

As your business grows, however, you may find yourself hiring more staff, who all need their own calendars. In this case, simply upgrade to our Business plan. It’s $25 per month and immediately unlocks unlimited calendars, among other premium features, so you can give all your Staff Members their own calendar without paying a single cent more.

Contrast this with Vagaro’s cheapest $25 per month plan. You’ll notice that it costs the same as our Business plan. However, Vagaro’s plan comes with only one calendar, compared to our Business plan’s unlimited calendars.

Accordingly, if you need more calendars in Vagaro, expect to pay more. Vagaro’s pricing increases for every extra calendar until you hit seven or more calendars.

At that point, you’ll be paying $85 per month. If you top up just a bit extra, however, you can upgrade to our Premium plan, which offers an amazing Zapier integration.

Here’s what we mean:

Do More With GoReminders Using Zapier

Zapier is a leading platform for connecting GoReminders and the other apps that help you run your business. Use Zapier to build workflows to automatically handle the repetitive tasks that you often find yourself doing—no coding knowledge required.

Thanks to our Zapier integration, you’ll be able to integrate GoReminders with 3,000+ other apps, and automate common workflows such as adding new GoReminders customers to Mailchimp, Sendinblue or other email platforms of your choice.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to build a custom solution, we offer API integration on our Premium plan at no extra charge.

Whether you use Zapier or decide to build a custom solution using our API, you’ll be able to spend less time on managing your appointments across multiple apps, and more time on your business.

On the other hand, Vagaro doesn’t offer a Zapier integration. As a result, you’ll have to do such busywork manually—or hire more staff to do it for you, and incur higher payroll costs.

Vagaro vs GoReminders: The Verdict

Satisfied GoReminders customer.

GoReminders’ powerful appointment-booking features won’t let you down.

As a spa, fitness, or salon service business, your income depends on being able to efficiently book new appointments, and getting customers to turn up. This calls for an investment in full-featured spa, fitness, and salon appointment scheduling software that can help you make appointments with ease, and then send client reminders so that your customers don’t become a no-show.

With this in mind, GoReminders fits the bill perfectly.

Combining a simple-to-use interface with powerful scheduling and reminder features that you won’t find in Vagaro, GoReminders is ideal for any service business—no matter whether you run a salon, spa, fitness business or something else.

Such stellar features should not come at a high cost either. The GoReminders platform is affordably priced to start, and you can also try it for free for 14 days (no credit card required).

See Why People Love Using GoReminders

I’ve been using this service for several months and my clients comment about it daily. Theylovethereminders and I love that I can add a message for particular clients. They also make changes that I love all the time!!! Quick and wonderful customer service. A+++++!

Janelle Lynn, Lush Hair Salon

As a very busy mom, wife and business owner, GoReminders has been a game changer. Our days feel less chaotic, more productive and business is up!

Kayti Lomeli, Financial Advisor

Of the 30 online schedulers I have used, GoReminders is the most efficient, easy to use and reliable. Your recurring appointment feature is top notch and saves my life.

Luis Rivera, Virtual Coach

Best investment ever! Thanks to GoReminders I save so much money and time for my nail salon.

Jenifer Phương Quyên Huỳnh, Nail Salon

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