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Best Calendar for Reminding Clients

Daily calendar reminders app view
Daily calendar view

We've created the best appointment calendar to use for reminding clients. It's like a supercharged appointment book that does the annoying work for you, so you can focus on running your business. It's simpler than any other appointment scheduling software out there. People who use GoReminders tell us they have huge decreases in the amount of no-shows and no-calls.

Mobile and Desktop

This calendar works perfectly on mobile phones with our awesome calendar reminders app. It fully syncs in real-time so you can use it on computers and laptops and tablets and phones, with everything staying up to date. There's no lag between booking something and seeing it in your calendar. Optionally, you can get a notification when each appointment is created.

Instant Syncing

When you book an appointment, it syncs up immediately with all other devices with no delay, and (optionally) instantly pushes info to Google Calendar if you use that. No need for a second calendar or double-entry, it's easy to link your calendar with GoReminders. Just enter it once and you're done. If you have someone else booking for you at your business and it's quite busy, just knowing that all appointments show up in your calendar is reassuring.

GoReminders syncs with calendar you want: Google Calendar, Mac calendar, iCal, iCalendar, Outlook, iPhone and iPad Calendar.

Custom Schedule & Messages

Calendar reminder app schedule
Customizable appointment reminder schedule

Our appointment calendar will automatically remind your clients at the right time so they don't forget to show up. Your customers can reply C to confirm appointments or R to reschedule (or you can disable that feature). You can completely customize the reminder message to whatever fits your business, or you can keep the format we set you up with. You can even send different messages at different times if you want.

For example, when you enter each appointment in the system, GoReminders can send something like this:

"Your {{Service}} appointment has been confirmed for {{Time}} on {{Date}}!"

And then a day before the appointment, GoReminders can automatically send out a reminder like this:

"Reminder: You have an appointment for {{Service}} at {{Location}} with {{Staff Name}} at {{Time}} tomorrow ({{Day Name}}). See you then!"

GoReminders will automatically fill in the correct date, time, service and staff name for each appointment. Those are just some of the available template tags.

If you have appointments that repeat weekly or monthly (or any other interval), GoReminders has recurring appointment reminders that automatically remind your customers or clients on a schedule. Our software works well for multilingual appointment reminders because you can customize the reminder message to be in any language.

How we compare with competitors:

Calendar reminders app customer autofill
Easy to use, pulls contact info from database

One of the reasons GoReminders calendar system is better than Google Calendar and other appointment reminder services that try (with problems) to pull contact names from Google Cal is that you don't have to type the person's phone number or email address each time you add an appointment for them. If you're currently using another calendar reminder service, there are other options available with GoReminders.

You don't have to type their whole name! Autofill makes entering appointments a breeze in GoReminders, you just start typing and BOOM you'll see your client show up and can choose it instantly.

You can also import your existing contacts into GoReminders. In other systems, you have to fully type out each customer's name every time you enter an appointment for them. Those other systems have problems when you accidentally misspell names (the reminders don't get sent!) because those other services often don't recognize names from Google Calendar and miss sending event reminders, but GoReminders never has these problems.

Some of our competitors just show you that someone did not receive a reminder (but you have to check yourself) and then you have to manually send a text reminder, but GoReminders doesn't have that problem because autofill matches them customer 100% automatically so the customer's phone number and email address are always stored with each appointment.

You don't even have to type last names, you just pick from a list because GoReminders automatically remembers each customer's info from their first appointment (or from your import, even if they've never had an appointment). With other appointment reminder services, you are forced to enter the last names otherwise the system doesn't know who to match up with the appointment to send the event reminder email or text, because the other systems only recognize full names. Many people switch to GoReminders since it better accommodates their needs in this area, because GoReminders solves all these problems!

Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Agenda Calendar Views

Monthly calendar reminders view
Monthly calendar view

We display your appointments how you want it. GoReminders has several great options for showing your calendar with appointments on it, right in the app because our users really like seeing things in a calendar setup. You can instantly see past and future appointments, and edit them easily. You can choose whichever calendar view layout works for you. We've built clean layouts for weekly, monthly, daily and agenda/list views.

Once you pick a layout, it automatically remembers that layout for you, unless you use the easy selector to switch to a different layout. If you do a lot of double bookings and overlapping appointments, it's just easier to see when it's blocked out on a calendar. The calendar layouts are online and on the app portion, fully accessible on computers and mobile phones and tablets.

Full Access Demo

Full access to all features of the calendar reminder system during the free trial (no credit card needed!) so you can accurately demo it and see how it is in daily life.

"We do IT consulting and our customers are business owners, so we all have a ton going on. Missing an appointment using GoReminders is impossible. If we forget about an appointment, GoReminders is there to remind us and our customers. I love that it does text message & email reminders!" - Jose Hossein, Executive Director at ON Drive Techs

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