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SMS client reminders for Android & iPhone

If you have a small business and want to feel confident that your customers will show up on time to their meetings, consultations, or any other appointments, you’ll definitely want to check out SMS client reminder software. GoReminders helps businesses reduce no shows and increase revenue with its feature-rich, easy to use SMS client reminder app. Available for iPhone, Android, and on the web. Read on for more information.

We’re sure you’ve heard of SMS & MMS before, but for now let’s just focus on SMS. SMS, or Short Message Service, is something that everyone has had access to for years now. In other words, texting. This might be obvious, but every business should be taking advantage taking advantage of SMS messaging for reminders.

GoReminders sends SMS client reminders

GoReminders sends SMS client reminders

In the old days, businesses would spend hours making scheduling and reminder calls to their customers. Thankfully for all of us, we’re past that now. Your business can take advantage of the fact that everyone already texts each other anyway. With SMS client reminders, you know your customers will always see your messages. Owners of successful appointment-based businesses like salons, pet groomers, business consultants, and tattoo parlors send out reminders using our appointment reminder app.

A good SMS client reminder app connects directly to your calendar or appointment booking app and sends text reminders automatically to your clients. Not only does GoReminders do this, but it has all of that together in one place!

Send, receive and schedule text reminders using our simple, user-friendly iPhone app, Android app, or on the web. Send SMS messages or reminders to clients (or your friends & family if you want). Reduce no shows so you can maximize your business and make sure you’re always productive!

Our SMS client reminder service is not only affordable but it’s also scalable with your business as it grows. There are lots of different tiers available, so you can always choose what’s right for you, when it’s right for you.

If you’d like to try it out, there’s a totally free trial. There’s no credit card requirement for the free trial whatsoever, so there’s nothing to lose!

Praise for our SMS client reminders software

It’s not that I hated calling clients, but as a single mother operating a business I didn’t have time. GoReminders saves me a ton of time by auto filling the phone number and email as I type, on my iPhone or computer. My stress level with appointment management has gone way down!

Sandra Dasilva, Domani Hair Studio / Ravissant’s Spalon

I’ve been using Go Reminders for my massage business. Nothing is more annoying than remembering to send reminders to clients so they don’t miss their appointments. Go Reminders is easy to use and has a clean feel and look. A couple things that I like are the appointments go into my Google calendar, I also like that you can edit your reminder message template. Lots of other services do not let you edit.
They always seem to be working on things to make your life easier.

Tony Shannon, LMT

We have been using GoReminders for a few years now and it has been amazing. We use it to confirm everyone of our appointments. The program is very easy to use and is saving us so much time. We no longer have to call to confirm each appointment and no longer have to text our address separately. Our confirmation and address is right on their go reminder and if they need to reschedule they just respond back to us to reschedule and we can call them when we get a chance.

Stacey Antonakos-Perez, Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio

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