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Other Questions

Didn’t find your answer in one of our other help sections? Then you may find it here! Get your other questions about GoReminders answered here.

GoReminders sends SMS messages automatically

SMS text messages get sent out from our centralized system and your cell phone doesn’t even need to be on

Can I change the language on my GoReminders account?

GoReminders supports many different languages in its interface and reminder templates. Here’s information on how to change that.

GoReminders Webinar Demo

Need some help using GoReminders? Scroll down to the video! There are lots of helpful tips & tricks in our webinar.

Getting Started with Zapier and Mailchimp

Want to add your GoReminders customers to Mailchimp? Here’s how to sync your customers and send out eblasts.

Can I remind my boss?

Can I use GoReminder’s to organize my boss’ schedule? Yes you can. Read on for some more information on that.

Updating your contact information for reminder notifications

Changed your phone number or email address? Here’s how to update your contact information for reminder notifications

API & Documentation

How can I use the GoReminders API? Advanced users can read up on our API documentation and contact us for access.

Calls to a GoReminders Number

What happens if a customer calls a GoReminders phone number? Our numbers are only SMS-enabled and won’t receive calls.

Use GoReminders on any device!

GoReminders compatibility info. There’s an Android App, an iPhone/iPad app, and you can always login on any web browser.

Can my entire staff use GoReminders?

Your entire staff can use GoReminders at the same time. Check out our Multi-user FAQ for more information.

Updates and new features

We’re always adding new features our customers request. Here’s how we update and roll out new features.

Customer confirmation and replies

Can my customers reply to reminder messages? They can! Check out this article for more details on how to see your customer replies.

What countries can I send SMS text messages to?

Where does GoReminder’s texting service work? GoReminders is available in quite a few different countries, read on to see which ones.

What happens with my data?

Information about what GoReminders does with your data. We only store the client data necessary for you to use our service.

Is there an app?

GoReminders is multiplatform! Available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and always available on the web through

Does this work on my smartphone?

GoReminders on the go! We have apps available for Android on the Google Play Store, and iPhone, and iPad on the App Store.

Message Blasts Cost Information

Message Blasts are a useful tool to send blast SMS and email messages to a group of customers and can also be used for marketing purposes.

How do I connect GoReminders with Zapier?

General info about connecting GoReminders to Zapier to automate some of the everyday tasks you need to get done.

Does this work on my tablet?

GoReminders on the go! We have apps for your Android tablet on the Google Play Store, or for your iPad on the App Store.

How to Share Links to Your Payment Page using GoReminders (Stripe, QuickBooks Payments and Venmo)

Sharing links to your payment page (Stripe, QuickBooks Payments and Venmo) with GoReminders is simple! Check out these instructions.

How to Use the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging Feature

Do you want to reply to a customer’s reply message or send a message to a customer within the GoReminders app? Check out this article!

2-Way SMS/Email Messaging Cost Information

Using the 2-Way SMS/Email Messaging feature you can reply to messages from customers, and send new SMS/email messages to customers.

How to Request a Google Review from Customers

Here’s info on how you can generate lots of positive Google reviews for your business after an appointment.

Sending Follow-Up Messages After an Appointment

Do you want to send a message to say thanks, or to remind customers to book again? Here’s info on how you can send follow-up messages.

Limiting Multi-User Scheduling Permissions

How to limit the scheduling and/or editing options for staff members. Change user permissions.

How to Send a Message Blast

Message Blasts are a useful marketing tool that allow you to send group messages to customers without creating an appointment