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Information and how-tos for scheduling appointments in GoReminders. Get all your GoReminders questions answered here.

Can I add multiple people to an appointment?

GoReminders supports group appointments and customer groups. Here’s how you can add many people to the same appointment.

Edit Existing Group Appointments

Here’s info on how to add/remove customers, change appointment Status for each customer, change the date/time of the appointment, and more.

How to Schedule All-Day Appointments

Do you have appointments that require an all day booking? Perhaps you have appointments that occur over the course of a few days?

Create a Recurring Series of Appointments

You can easily create appointments that happen more than once, on a repeating schedule. Follow these easy steps!

How can I remove someone from a Customer Group?

Sometimes you need to group certain customers together. This article describes the steps to manage a Customer Group.

Can I remove someone from a group appointment?

Instructions for editing a group appointment to remove a client. Useful for when you’ve added the wrong client to a customer group.

Create a custom message for unique appointments

You don’t have to use the same reminder message every time. Here’s how you can create custom one-off reminders for specific appointments.

Create a Staff member

How to add a staff member to your account. GoReminders makes managing your staff simple and effective!

Create A Location

Do you have a business with multiple different offices or locations? GoReminders can handle that. Here’s how.

Changing an appointment in a recurring series

Recurring appointments are a very useful feature, but sometimes you need to edit them. Here’s how you can edit and delete.

Appointments created during the free trial

Information about how appointments created during the free trial work once your account is upgraded to paid.

What timezone does GoReminders use?

By default, you’re set to the timezone where your account was created. You can also set appointments in multiple timezones.

How can I check past & upcoming appointments?

Need to locate an old appointment, or check on a future appointment? Here’s how to easily find your appointment records.

Does GoReminders import appointments?

GoReminders doesn’t sync from your external calendar and it doesn’t pull in data from outside calendars.

How to Export Your Appointments

Need a printable list of your appointments? Export them! Here’s how to export your appointments in GoReminders.

Creating and using Labels on appointments

GoReminders can help you stay organized with appointment labels! Check out this article to see how to use them.

Will my contacts auto-fill as I type?

You don’t need to type out the full contact every time! Our auto-fill feature will populate as you type.

Do I need to enter both email and phone?

Only one or the other is needed to create an appointment. Here’s some more info on supplying customer information.

How do I delete an appointment?

Throw it in the trash! Deleting appointments in GoReminders is easy. Check out this quick tip on how to do that.

How Do I Modify an Appointment

This article explains how you can edit your appointments if you need to reschedule or change a few appointment details.

Recurring / repeating appointments

Need an appointment to repeat without you lifting a finger? GoReminders sends automated text messages for recurring appointments.

How can I mark an appointment as a no-show

You can label an appointment to have a quick reference for no-shows. Check out this article to see how.

Adding notes to your appointments

Notes are very handy to help you remember information about your clients and their appointments. Here’s how to use those.

How do I create a Service?

Instructions on how to create Services to appear on the Appointment form, Booking form, and in reminder messages.

Can I enter additional customer information when I create an appointment?

Here’s how you can enter a customer’s address, date of birth, or any other info that pertains to that specific customer.

When can I create an appointment?

Can I create an appointment anytime?

Can I see appointments in a different email’s calendar?

GoReminders can integrate with your calendar even if it’s not the same email address used in your GoReminders account.

Can I manually confirm, reschedule, or cancel a customer’s appointment?

Check this article for information on how to manually change the status of an appointment on your GoReminders calendar.

How can customers reschedule after they reply “R”?

Here is information on how your customers can select a new appointment date and time when they request to reschedule.