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Information about reminder-specific features

How can I add my business logo to my email reminders?

How to add your business’s logo to your account, so that it will show up on email reminders that you send out.

How to Change the Reminder Type (how your customers receive their reminders) on your Customer’s Profile

This article explains how you can easily change how your clients receive their appointment reminders (SMS, Email, both or none).

Will confirm/reschedule/cancel instructions appear in follow-up messages?

When sending follow-up messages, you don’t want your clients to see confirm/reschedule/cancel instructions.

Free SMS compliance message

Whenever you send out a blast, any first-time recipients will automatically get a compliance message, free of charge. Read on for details.

SMS Compliance

Looking to do text marketing? Here is some information about SMS compliance and the required disclosures associated with it.

Can I delete a Message Sequence?

How to delete a Message Sequence in Reminder settings. For all those times when you create too many messages.

Sending a same-day reminder

It’s not too late! You can still create reminders to inform customers about appointment arrivals on the same-day.

How can I send a reminder about a completed service?

Creating reminders to alert clients when their service is completed or product available for pick-up.

How can I include links in reminder messages?

Instructions for adding URLs and hyperlinks to Message Templates.

How can I send my clients Zoom links in my reminders?

Remote work is more prevalent than ever. Here are instructions for sending Zoom meetings to your clients so they can meet with you remotely

Creating a reminder message without a set date

Can I schedule a “week of” appt instead of exact day/time? For example, can the automated message say “We’ll be there the week of May 4” ?

Styling your reminder with a Line Space

A quick little to tip on how to add a line space to reminder templates to make them more visually appealing.

How can I send a review request to a client?

You did a great job with your last customer and now you want to ask them for a review. Here are instructions for that.

Rename Message Templates

Keeping your message templates organized is easy in GoReminders. Here’s how to rename your Message Templates

How to create a Default Message Template

Use the same reminder a lot? Here’s how to create a default message template to use for appointment and booking reminders.

Custom Fields and Tags

How to create custom fields and tags in GoReminders for use in the appointment creation form and in reminder templates

Can I remind customers in different languages?

What languages does GoReminders support in the reminders? All of them! It features fully customizable Message Templates.

Custom Confirm & Reschedule Instructions

Customers can confirm & reschedule by replying to your reminders. Here’s how you can customize those instructions.

Time Windows

Indicating appointment windows or time ranges in your reminders is easy to do! Here are our suggestions to set it up.

How to opt-in or opt-out to SMS/texts

Did your client accidentally opt out of receiving texts? No problem, they can always opt back in. Here’s how they can do that.

Different reminder sequences per customer

Customizing reminder sequences for different customers. With Message sequences, you can send different reminder templates.

What happens when a customer replies to reminders or blast messages?

Here’s info on how you can communicate with your clients when they reply to reminders and blast messages.

Message Sequences

Sometimes you need to remind a customer multiple times. Here’s how to use and create the Message Sequences feature.

Can I send pictures and multimedia to my customers?

GoReminders can handle images and other media. Here’s how to add those to your reminders and messages with links.

How to create an immediate self-reminder

You can remind yourself too! Here’s how you can remind yourself and your team about new appointments.

Sending out reminders

Do you have to do anything to trigger the reminders? Nope! Our reminders are fully automated even if your phone or computer is off.

Message Template Length

Text reminders are limited in length. Here’s info about the character limit for text reminders.

What number are text reminders sent from?

GoReminders will set up a dedicated toll-free number for you.

Confirmation and reschedule notices

How do you find out if your client confirmed, needs to reschedule, or canceled? Read on for more information on that.

Can I send more than 1 reminder?

You can send up to three reminders per appointment. Here’s how.

How can I add a location to my reminder messages?

Does your business have multiple locations? Here are instructions for using the locations feature and template tag.

How can I add a staff member to my reminder messages?

GoReminders can handle multiple staff members. Here are instructions for using the staff member feature and template tag.

How can I add a Service to my reminder messages?

Instructions for adding services with template tag. Helpful customization features for your booking form and templates.

When do reminders get sent?

GoReminders sends out automated text message reminders. Here is some info on setting up your automated reminder schedule.

Can I get a dedicated phone number?

You can have a dedicated toll free number in GoReminders. Here’s info on getting a phone number assigned to you.

Can I have multiple Message Templates?

You can! Check out these instructions for setting up multiple different message templates in GoReminders.

Can I get reminders, too?

Because sometimes we all need reminders. Just a quick change in the settings and you’ll get texted and emailed for each appointment.

How to Edit and Customize Your Message Templates

Reminder Messages are fully customizable! Message Templates allow you to include the appointment info your customers need to show up.

Can my customers reply to reminders?

Your customers can reply to your reminders. Here’s more info on how a customer can contact you by replying to your reminders.

Can I send an appointment reminder without a set time?

Reminder messages are fully customizable. Here’s how you can send appointment reminders without a set time.

Can I assign a different reminder schedule for every Message Template?

Here’s how you can customize reminder schedules for different Message Templates.

Can I use shortened links/URLs in my reminder messages?

Here’s info on including links to your reminders.

How to Delete a Message Template

Check this article for information on how to delete a Message Template.

Can I remove the confirm, reschedule, or cancellation instructions from my reminder?

How can I set up my own confirm, reschedule, or cancellation instructions?

Customizing sender name for email reminders

Check this article if you want email reminders to display your name or company name as the sender.